TV Serial Jewellery trend and famous actress’s selection of Jewellery

When you are watching a serial which is telecasting on a channel, you are observing each and every activity of the characters playing a side role or lead role, sometimes you want to try to adopt those characters in your own way with adopting the things happening around them or want to copy your favorite stars. You want to know everything related to your favorite star cast such as what is her choice of selection of jewellery, hairstyle, footwear, makeup or dresses. You want to adopt all the things related to them, especially the Jewellery section. You want to know from where they bought those earrings which was showing marvelous in 50th episode, But the fact is there is a huge team which is engaged with the look and outfits for the telecast. There are multiple fashion designers and Jewellery selectors when they use to wear it on live set I found that there are many Jewellery suppliers who are introducing their products in public via this platform for promoting their products. Today we are going to share the actual facts for the jewellery adopting in real life by famous actresses. Let’s start with serials and their lead actresses who are famous for their Jewellery selection.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya famed character Gopi and Meera


The famous characters of the high TRP show telecasting on Star Plus are Gopi and Meera played leading roles by Devoleena Bhattacharjee as “Gopi” and Tanya Sharma as “Meera”.


Now a days this is a popular show on small screen and collecting a very positive response from all over the India. Let’s share the shopping interest venues for these famed actresses for Jewellery. We tried to find out that from where they are usually buying Jewellery. We got a Brand name that is Styyo. These Famed actresses using Styyo Jewellery.

Ye rista kya kahlata hai famed Akshara


This high TRP show is also telecasting on Star Plus. The leading character is played by Heena  Khan as “Akshara”. In real life she is using that jewellery which is specially designed by her designers as per her choice sometime she prefer to buy it online through some different portals or buying through from some Jewellery shows such as IIJS or others. She mostly uses  to wear light weight jewellery in real life.

Yeh hain mohabbatein  Lead character Ishita


Another show which is telecasting on Star plus is on high TRP. Divyanka Tripathi is performing the lead character of Yeh hain mohabbatein  as Ishita.  She is a reigning queen of the television and her show is very popular in small screen. But want to share the facts for her selection in jewellery , she prefers the jewellery from the local shops as per her choice in Mumbai. Strange but true, she prefers to buy its by self rather than the choice of her designers.

Kaala Teeka lead character Gauri


Kaala Teeka is telecast on Zee Tv and getting a high attention on the small screen there is a huge audience and viewers for this show. The famous character of this show is performed by Fenil Umrigar as “Gauri”. She prefers her jewellery by her jewellery selectors. In real life her interest for Jewellery is less comparatively other actresses.

Udaan famed chakor


Chakor a famous character in the television show is performed by Meera Deosthale. This show         is telecaston Colors. The famed actress uses to wear the jewellery from the selector’s choice as per the show requirement. In real life this actress prefers the heavy real Jewellery.

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