Top Self Made B-Town Celebs: From Zero to Hero

Top Self Made B-Town Celebs Who Inspire Us

Bollywood is a big film industry, where everyone wants to become a stable star. Merely, the star’s kids rule on the industry over the years. But some celebs made their umpire in the Bollywood on their strength. Now a days, Bollywood has become a place, where you can also make you career in the film if you have quite acting talent, does not matter your caste, creed or level. In this post, we have mentioned some Bollywood stars such as SRK, Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Irrfan Khan who did not belong a filmy family background and others had come up at zero level and made a Hero. All these celebs have struggled much to make a mark in the film industry. Let’s have a look at top 10 self make Bollywood celebs.

Shahrukh Khan

shahrukh khan

Who would have thought that ‘Delhi ka ye ladka’ one day will become a King of Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan belonged from a middle class family and had a big dream to rule on the film sector. His career started from TV serials named as Fauji, Dusra Kewal & Circus with a lot of struggle and pain. How interesting, SRK went to Mumbai from Delhi by hiding himself in train’s toilet. Have a look on top Self Made B-Town Stars. After passed a lot of time, he got a break in the Bollywood films and rest history you know.

Akshay Kumar

airlift akshay kumar

The handsome personality of B-Town, Akshay Kuamr belongs from Punjab. However, he made also his career in films with no cinema background. His father was a government servant. Before come in the movies, he was a waiter in Bangkok. One day he decided to return to Bombay, and took training in martial art and started teaching the same to students. Finally on the suggestion of his student he tired his luck in modeling, which gave him a break in this glam world leading to a role in Bollywood movies. Since then it was not looking back. His first debut movie was ‘Saugandh’.

Deepika Padukone

deepika padukone

Talking about the queen of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, recently she touched the seventh sky of success by adding her name in the highest paid celebs in the glam world and winning best female actor of the Bollywood at the IFFA Award 2016. Earlier, having a sports background, she wanted to make his career as a badminton player. Moreover, she even won the state badminton championship. But fortunately she turned in to modeling and she got a great break in super hit movie, Om Shanti Om with superstar, Shahrukh Khan. After that, she did not look back.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

nawazuddin siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of the most successful comic actors in the movie sector, He came from a small town. He was born on 19 May 1974 in Budhana. He had also faced a lot of struggle to get a break. Siddiqui made his debut in 1999 with a small role in Sarfarosh with Amir Khan.

Irrfan Khan

irrfan khan

Irrfan Khan is one of the successful actors in the Bollywood. When he started his career in film, no one supported his for any role in the movies.  Khan was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan, to a Muslim family. Khan’s mother, Begum, was from the Tonk Hakim family, and his father, the late Jagirdar. Khan was studying for his MA degree when he earned a scholarship to study at National School of Drama (NSD) in New Delhi in 1984. Khan comes from a Pathan family and being a pure vegetarian from childhood, was often joked at as a “Brahmin born in the family of Pathans”, by his father. There was a time, when Khan had no many to see the Hollywood movie, Zoorassic park and recently he played a great role in the sequel of that film.

Sidharth Malhorta

siddharth malhotra

Sidharth Malhorta did not belong from the filmy background, even after that, he became a successful and stable actor in the Bollywood. Malhotra was born in Delhi, into a Punjabi family. He was schooled at Delhi’s Don Bosco School and Birla Vidya Niketan, and later attended Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. At the age of 18, Malhotra began modelling. Although he was successful, he decided to quit after four years because he was dissatisfied with the profession. And turned to Bollywood, starting he faced a pain but finally he debuted by Karan Johar in ‘Student of the Year’.

Ranveer Singh

ranveer singh

Seriously, Ranveer Singh is a wonderful actor of the Bollywood as he and film line were not correlated each-other, after that he made his career in the industry. This year, he selected as the Best Male actor of the B-Town. He wanted to acting in the movie, but really did not know how to enter in this line. Even though he was seen taking up acting classes he also tried his luck in one of the ad agency and assisted in several ad movies to director Shaad Ali. Aditya Chopra recognized him for his movie Band Baaja Baarat, which made his acting dream come true.

John Abraham

john abraham

John Abraham came to Mumbai for doing MBA, however he worked with an ad agency as media planner. But his good looks could not resist him to turn in modeling. After that he got a lot of offer of modeling. In fact, his looks only helped him to walk over the ramps; even he won the make beauty pageant. Finally he got chance in the films without having any godfather.

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