Top 5 Most Expensive Handbags In The World

Top 5 Most Expensive Handbags In The World

Jewellery, clothing, watches, shoes, handbags and other fashion items are the most common fixture for the modern women, whereas, in the glamorous life, the fashion and beauty are considered as the essential elements of women’s lifestyle. Handbags are the most common things that are used by every woman in the world. Furthermore, there are several most expensive brands in the world, whose product price starts from million dollars. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Mouawad, Chanel and Fendi are the top most expensive brands, making precious and luxurious purses for the modern women. On the other end, there are famous brands too, that are making purses to complement the urban chic. Here is a list of top five expensive handbags and their price that will blow your mind.

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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton is the most expensive brand in the world and it becomes the choice of modern women and celebrities. Offering the luxurious way of royal life to the pretty women, this brand provides excellent fashion goods to the luxury lifestyle. The price of handbag starts from $ 55000 (Rs. 36,77,575).

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Hermes is also the most luxury brand of Paris and famous in the world for the high class and luxurious products. In addition to the bags, this brand offers other fashion accessories like watches, shoes, etc. Furthermore, the most expensive bag of this brand was a Matte Crocodile Birkin bag that was sold for $20,000 (Rs. 1337329) and the crocodile version of this beg studded with the diamonds that was sold for $120,000 (Rs. 80,23,974).


Mouawad handbag

It is a most expensive brand of lifestyle and fashion which is formally known for expensive jewellery and timepieces. This brand also offers a luxurious way of standard life as it has a beautiful and expensive collection of handbags for women. After making its position in the Guinness World record, Mouawad becomes famous across the world. The most expensive bag of this brand was 1001 nights’ diamonds that was featured with diamonds and gold. This diamond bag was sold for a very high price tag of $3.8 million (Rs. 25,40,69,710).

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Chanel handbag

Chanel is the most expensive France-based fashion and lifestyle brand. The founder of this brand was Coco Chanel and she was a French fashion designer and businesswoman. This brand carries a beautiful collection of fashion accessories and most of the products of this brand are very expensive in the world. Many famous celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, etc. have been spotted holding the bags of this brand. The most expensive bag of this brand is studded with diamonds and gold that was sold for a very high price tag of $ 2,61,000 (Rs. 1,74,49,155).


Fendi Handbag

Fendi is the most expensive Italian-based brand that is famous for its beautiful design and texture. The material used for the Fendi bags are lambskin and crocodile skin. The highest price of the handbag for Fendi is $28000 (Rs. 18,71,380).

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