Top 5 Fashion Destinations In The World

Top 5 Fashion Destinations In The World

Fashion and lifestyle, it is the word for those who loves to roam from one city to another city, showing their love for fashion, lives for luxury life and eating at five-star restaurants. Traveling around the world, it is a different kind of intoxication that exists in the real life. While fashion and lifestyle are more global, some of the areas are still serving the best for the fashion enthusiast. Here are five pillars of fashion industry in the world, named as Paris, Milan, London, New York and Barcelona. All these destinations have been known for the fashion capital of the world. If you are fashion freak, then you must have to visit all these fashion destinations. To celebrate the diversity and unique cultures that make fashion so exciting, we’re here to let you the most important places in the universe.


paris top five fashion destination in the india

Paris, this name is quite enough to beguile your mind. Its legacy in high fashion is indisputable as the various luxury brands have born in this place. Moreover, the world’s most famous fashion designers and celebrities made their presence in this city as the most awaited annual fashion week is held twice a year in Paris. Every year, millions of people visit this place to enjoy and feel the luxurious life as the Avenue des Champs-Elysées leads to the flagship stores of luxury designers Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

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milan top five fashion destinations in the world

Milan, it is the place with the heritage of its luxury fashion houses- Armani, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Moschini, etc. These brands keep the popularity of this city at the forefront of the fashion and lifestyle conversation. You must have to visit this place at least one time in your life to enjoy the lifestyle of this city.

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london five fashion destinations in the world

London, the best known city for fashion and lifestyle, is the best exotic in the world. It has most glamorous and funky shopping districts that are famous in the world. The London is listed in the top position of fashion and lifestyle, beating out the established centers of fashion and fashion design, Paris and Milan.

New York

newyork top five fashion destination in the world

Is the best shopping destination of the world where you can enjoy shopping with various luxury brands. Visiting the Big Apple, which has created more iconic streetwear labels than anywhere else in the world. Moreover, in terms of fashion and lifestyle Versace and NikeTown are the creation of New York city. You must have to visit this place at least one time in your life to enjoy the lifestyle of this city.

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rome top five fashion destination in the world

The big fashion brands and independent boutiques have made Amsterdam one of the fastest rising fashion hubs all over the world. Hundreds of fashion designers showcase their designs every week at Amsterdam International Fashion Week. It is one of the influential cities in the world when it comes to architecture as well as fashion. This city featuring the high shopping destination in the world which has brand like Gucci, Fendi and Valentino.

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